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What People Say About Brick House Partners

As an executive recruiting firm dedicated to finding the right home for talent, the relationships we build with our clients are of upmost importance. Our goal is provide quality and consistency with our recruiting efforts, and create relationships based on treating our clients better than they’ve previously experienced. We value the feedback given to us by marketing and advertising agencies, as well as the executives we help recruit.

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BHP is hands down the best recruiting firm we've ever encountered in the marketing space. The thoughtfulness and thoroughness. The master brief, position briefs, candidate briefs and reference briefs are always thorough and thoughtfully written. This demonstrates BHP's knowledge, commitment and work ethic.Russ WilliamsCEO, Archer Malmo
It is rare to find an individual whose technical expertise, leadership abilities and track record for building high performance teams comes together in one single package. As a marketer Ralph has impressive credentials innovating on both the client and agency side of the business. He has an exceptional eye for talent and the cultural instincts to understand ‘fit’ like few executives do. With an engaging personal style and natural curiosity about what makes people tick, Ralph brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the recruitment world. We have been consistently impressed by the quality of candidates we interview and hire from Brick House.Jeff TrittNorth American Talent Leader, IBM iX
When you work with resource partners it is especially valuable when they have walked in your shoes. Ralph understands how to build a great marketing or agency team, he understands how to build a brand and operationalize marketing. He also understands that all these things are best accomplished with people who have chemistry and fit with a company’s culture. Ralph’s view garnered from a wide experience base across marketing and advertising makes him a great resource partner in building a team.Kim BartleyVP Marketing and Product Development, White Castle
Three words come to mind…integrity, vision and passion. From the beginning of my experience with BHP it was evident this was a firm unlike the normal Executive Recruiting organization…and I have interfaced with many over the years. Bottom line, if all Executive Recruiters operated like BHP and delivered the same caliber of results, no client would fill any key position without them. It was one of the most positive recruiting relationships I have had in my executive experience and I would recommend BHP to anyone who is looking for a strategically-driven, valuable partner.Patricia BernsManaging Director, MRM Worldwide
If I were a client, I would trust Brick House and the Cutcher team as if they were part of my internal talent organization. They are immensely proficient to get underneath the culture of an organization as well as dig deep into the candidate to ensure the most successful long-term fit. They don’t just help fill positions; they work hard to fill companies with the best talent.Anne BenvenutoFormer CSO, McCann and EVP Strategy, R/GA, Benvenuto Consulting
We all have our own opinions on the value of recruiters. For me, the best recruiter is someone with a straight-up approach that cuts through the chatter clutter. Ralph does this while he applies his experience running and building an agency along with his client side experiences. Ralph’s agency and client experience views are helpful but the key separator for him is the way he does business.Dave SheehanPresident, Hoffman York
I think agencies, advertisers and candidates will be hard-pressed to find an advocate who cares as much about their best interests as Ralph Cutcher. In a true people-business like marketing and advertising, Ralph is the consummate people person. He has an innate understanding of the interpersonal dynamics that make organizations hum or hiccup, plus he has the experience of having practiced the business from all sides: advertiser, agency, agency search, executive search. I canʼt think of a more well-rounded partner to trust with your next hire or the next step in your career.Martin DavidsonGlobal Creative Director, Krispy Kreme
The one thing that stands out from my experience with Brick House Partners is the quality and consistency of the communication. As a candidate, I was well-prepared for my meetings with the prospective employer, and I always knew where I stood in the process. When you are dealing with Ralph, you feel like everything is above board. No separate agenda. No surprises. He takes the stress out of the process. With some executive search firms, you find yourself wondering if the recruiter is representing their own interests. That’s not the case with Brick House Partners. Ralph is all about matching the right talent with the right position. His deep expertise on both the client side and agency side, coupled with unparalleled integrity, makes him uniquely qualified to manage any search in the marketing and advertising space.Bob MaloneyEVP, Chief Financial Officer, Deutsch, LA
My experience with Brick House was outstanding throughout the entire process. Ralph took great care ensuring this position was the right fit and displayed keen insights that were highly beneficial to all parties. I would recommend BHP to any organization or candidate.Ken CohenVice President, Consumer Goods, Resource
Mine was a challenging decision, and I truly appreciated the relaxed, yet sharply insightful council. You consistently provided fresh, balanced perspective on the opportunity and the overall development of my career. I quickly grew to value your advice and I consider you a trusted friend.Jeff AdkinsManaging Director, Energy BBDO
Brick House Partners is superior in every way to any recruiting professional I have ever worked with. The idea of putting recruiter next to Brick House Partners' name is a misnomer and can’t even begin to tell the whole story. Brick House Partners goes deeper and provides insights and thinking that enhances the entire process. They brings the same level of advice that any excellent trusted advisor brings and they are not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. Need great legal advice, call your lawyer. Need accounting direction, try your CPA. Need people advice and the best skills to understand and find human capital in marketing and advertising, call Brick House Partners.Mark GorenPresident, Point to Point, Inc.
I feel you had my interests at heart during the entire process. It is important to point this out since very few executive recruiters have this thoughtful approach. Said another way … you are the only recruiter who has ever followed up after the process with a check in to find out about my feedback on your performance. That’s impressive.Kurt ZollerCorporate Communications, Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Nobody is better than the BHP folks. Their professionalism and thoughtfulness convinced me that they truly work in the best interest of everyone. And I miss talking to them!Doug HolroydGeneral Manager, The Norgay Group
You (the corporate you) care for all the players in the game. You are honest and straightforward. I know you were on my side, but I also knew you were on your client’s side at the same time. I trusted you. A while ago, in an engagement with Ralph Cutcher, he used the acronym DWYSYWD for getting across the message “Do What You Say You Would Do.” That piece has stuck with me and has become a guiding principle for managing my career. And Ralph and Brick House Partners are wonderful role models. They do what they say they would do.David MaasGlobal Product and Marketing Director, Federal-Mogul
With BHP, I was not just a candidate or an applicant or a number on a resume sheet. I was a person with potential. BHP helped me realize that potential. I consider them a true partner in my career growth.Valerie Di TommasoAssociate Director of Client Services, Resource
When it comes to significant, potentially life-changing decisions, Ralph brings a professionalism, objectivity and honesty that is both refreshing and reassuring. I will always seek out his opinion.Tim NichollsJoint CEO and Founder, Pointblank Productions
Brick House Partners is thorough and genuine and sincere in their efforts to help us find great talent. I appreciate how much they wants to dig into our culture to be sure the person not only works ‘on paper’ but will work well with us long-term. Brick House Partners consistently presented some of the best talent we had the opportunity to consider during our search for an ECD. When I get a candidate from Brick House Partners, I always take time to stop what I am doing and look at the person because I know they are sending me someone of high quality.Ellen MooreFormer CEO, Carton Donofrio Partners
When it comes to recruiters, Ralph is a rare talent. From a candidate’s perspective, his approach is thoughtful and well-rounded. Ralph is not just going to throw your resume, along with a hundred others, at a prospective employer. He gets to know each candidate and ensures not only that there is a good fit for a role, but he also frames each candidate’s strengths very well in the context of a specific role. I can imagine that for a client of his, the input and insight received on candidates is a real boon. I would recommend Ralph to anyone searching for senior staffs who want to avoid the resume mills out there.Gareth GwynneManaging Partner, IronBrand
BHP takes the time to get personally involved, both in terms of getting to know the candidate and giving the candidate a truly personal experience. In our era of generic, anonymous web-based recruiting, it’s a refreshing and meaningful point of difference.Jonathan Salem BaskinGlobal Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker
We had the privilege of working with Brick House Partners last year on a strategic hire for our agency. Our experience with Ralph during this process was and continues to be exceptional. We formed a strategic partnership, where Ralph quickly gained an understanding of our unique offerings as an agency, our culture and was instrumental in working with us to identify critical success factors for the hiring need. Ralph’s overall process is thorough and seamless. He set the search up for success from day one by completing a comprehensive brief that helped map out the criteria that would make this role successful in the group and ultimately the agency. While we have a comprehensive behaviorally based interview process, the brief served as the framework and was a complement to our existing process. We were complimented by candidates at how thorough the process was and how buttoned up we were with Ralph on all aspects of the recruitment process. I would recommend Brick House Partners to any agency. Ralph is a great guy, a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Ellen ThorneSenior People Representative, Red Hat
Ralph is unlike any other recruiter I’ve met. He is more focused on the long-term, so you never get the feeling that this is a ‘transaction’. He really took the time to get to know me, and assess the tangibles and intangibles around a career change. Connecting with Ralph is like adding a career mentor.Gretchen Goffe-WagnerExecutive Director, Innovation Initiative, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University
Brick House Partners understands better than anyone that it’s not just about filling a position, but helping out a person, and that emotion is involved. In my mind, BHP completely reframed the way placement can and should be handled. Every recruiter has a lot to learn from Brick House Partners.Mike RandallMarketing Manager, Red Hat
Ralph and BHP were great to work with through the entire recruiting and hiring experience. Ralph treated me with the utmost respect and helped guide and coach me through the entire process. It was great working with Ralph.Brady CohenInteractive Marketing, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Ralph understands people in a most unique way. He senses who they are and what they are about very quickly and translates that into relationship value. Value in clear expectations and communications, value in consultative views, value in getting the key issue(s). Ralph is the best people manager and coach I have ever worked with.Scott KingSenior Managing Director, Sun Capital Partners
When Ralph was my client and CMO of Sherwin Williams Consumer Brands I quickly understood two things about him. First is his depth and quality as a person; The way he handles himself in tough situations, his ethics and his penchant for doing what he said he would do. He cares about people and is a great mentor. The second thing I noticed is his speed…he gets into a business fast and makes things happen. Ralph is the type of person you want alongside you when you are searching for solutions.Brett ShevackCEO, Brand Initiatives Group (former Vice-Chairman – BBDO/NY)