Fitting Quote: “Turn Your Face Towards The Sun, And The Shadows Fall Behind You.”

Year’s end normally brings reflection and optimism for most of us – that includes me.

Our New Year renewed optimism is great. I believe, it’s a positive, normal cycle in our lives. It’s a good state of mind to stay in but not so easy to accomplish. So I’ve pondered how this optimism can continue more consistently throughout the ride over the next year. Here’s my self-coaching list:

  • ROT (Return on Time): Spending time on issues, activities and especially with people who serve positive energy matters more than ever to me. Leaning on the people I can count on and who need me works. There’s no better way to buoy an optimistic outlook than having similar support around you. A ROT mindset is something I want to carry more purposefully.
  • Serve and give up more. Serving others helps put in perspective the reality of our own circumstances. For me, giving magically drains negativity.
  • Fresh eyes: keeping an open and “fresh” outlook on things helps me navigate through challenging situations. It also pushes me to always look ahead instead of dwelling on the past.
  • See small. I have, as my oldest daughter calls it, “the curse of the ‘A’ type” so I must work with intent on seeing and appreciating the little things. When I do, life is more meaningful and optimism seeps in.
  •  Reconcile optimism’s partnership with ambiguity. Our world is now a shade of grey that forces us to deal with a lot of ambiguity. Consuming ambiguity with high expectations works for me.
  •  Unlock gridlock. Standing put on issues in my life becomes habit forming and I don’t even realize it many times. By pushing forward, I seem to renew my sense of progress and nurture a more optimistic view.
  •  Words become things. My mother always said to me: “Your words become a stepping stone ahead of your actions.” A gracious heart breeds gracious words that somehow mystically help create a better, more optimistic reality — I think that’s what my Mom was talking about.

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