Our Foundation Blocks

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Why Fit?

Because the most talented people in marketing and advertising aren’t looking for a new job; they’re looking for a home. And not just some place they can roll into every morning, but a place they can sink themselves into more each day. Fit involves more than just people and positions. Fit involves values and purpose in addition to skills and experience. This is the foundation our executive recruiting firm uses when placing the talent in the right place.

Circumstantial Experience

The best experience is circumstantial. Finding people that have been through what lies ahead of your business is most important. Category experience is over worked – we look harder at the relevance in people’s careers and focus on what your company aspires to and dialogue with candidates who have “been there”.

Find Transformational Players Who Can Affect Change

Marketing and agency staff are not hired to maintain– they are hired to cause change and stimulate growth. The trick is whether or not they can activate and galvanize the organization in pursuit of those changes – positively and collaboratively, while still stretching the team’s view of what is possible.

Invest in Clients

We start by investing our time – at our expense – spending a day on-site to understand a client’s culture, get to know their team and discover the intangibles that are critical to matching companies and candidates for the long-term.

Our Values

• Create consultative value and legacy in work quality and relationships
• Demonstrate how to treat people; treat candidates better than they have experienced before
• Do what we said we’d do (DWWSWD)

Not your typical executive recruiting firm

We don’t call ourselves executive headhunters. We call ourselves “Fit-Finders” because as one of the leading executive recruiting firms, we are dedicated to Finding a Fit, not filling a position. Are you ready to experience success with our recruiting and placement services? Get started today by downloading our custom recruiting best practices scorecard or contact us for more information!