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Executive Recruitment Services

At Brick House Partners, we focus on bringing you the talent you need for even the most hard-to-fill marketing and advertising executive positions. Our knowledgable and friendly consultants use their years of industry experience and wealth of business contacts to fill positions for even the most demanding industries. Our variety of tools and proprietary techniques allow us to conduct thorough assessments of potential job seekers records, knowledge and abilities to find the candidate that is most relevant to the position and your companies culture.

Though your leadership requirements may continue to evolve, Brick House Partners knows that talented leaders will always be instrumental to your business success. With our concentrated areas of expertise, we’re able to fill many executive positions in the marketing and advertising industry.

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Positions we recruit

Agency Leadership & Management Marketing & Advertising
Account Management Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brand Management
Content Marketing Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Communications
Creative Chief Talent Officer CRM
Digital Marketing Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Direct Marketing
eCommerce Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Market Research
User Experience (UX) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Marketing Strategy
Web Design & Development General Manager Product Management
Web Strategy President Product Marketing

How we determine “fit”

At Brick House Partners we believe in filling marketing and advertising executive positions based on “fit” – our custom process of connecting purposes and values in addition to skill sets and track records. We understand that the most valuable talent in the marketing and advertising industry is looking for more than just a job, they’re looking for the perfect fit. We investing the time at our expense to immerse ourselves your companies specific culture and environment, learning the intangibles that are critical to matching companies and candidates for the long-term. This highly evolved, custom recruiting process allows us to deliver the best candidates to our clients with lasting results. In addition to our recruiting services, we also offer a custom recruiting best practices scorecard that can help leaders as they make critical decisions during periods of change.

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