Marketing & Advertising Recruiting Evaluation

Our approach in recruitment is unique

Brick House Partners LLC is a boutique marketing & advertising focused executive search firm that connects companies and great marketing/advertising talent based on fit. Our approach in executive recruitment is unique and, in many respects, derived from a career based in marketing/advertising and an intense focus on creating a differentiated process for clients and treating candidates better than they have ever experienced. This is the source of the evaluation and “Our Views” which you will experience.

Completing this recruiting evaluation will help Brick House Partners make your executive recruiting process more effective.

About this recruiting evaluation

The purpose of the Foundation Blocks Evaluation is to help marketers and advertising agencies recruit better by evaluating their efforts against the 8 best practices groups that BHP believes drive top tier recruiting in the marketing & advertising category. We know you have good programs overall, this evaluation is to help you identify a few areas where you may not be at maximum effectiveness. We invite you to take the assessment to see how you might create even greater recruiting effectiveness.

The evaluation is straight forward and based on yes/no responses to best practices queries. You will be able to take the evaluation in 5-7 minutes to gauge your recruiting foundational blocks overall and develop ideas for improvement.

Your results will be automatically tabulated and compared to the norms in our database.

What Matters Most In Recruiting Great Marketing & Advertising Talent?

  1. Fit is everything
  2. Circumstantial Experience is Most Important
  3. Developing a Talent Acquisition Strategy
  4. Lift Your Talent Ceiling
  5. Optimizing the Recruiting Process
  6. Differentiating Your Company Through a Candidate User Experience Approach
  7. Finding Great Talent Is an Organizational Imperative
  8. Must Haves for Top Marketing & Advertising Talent

Brick House Partners: Not your typical recruiting agency

Are you ready to experience true success in Finding a Fit for your company? Get started today by completing our 5-minute evaluation above or contact us for more information!