Core Values Will Travel

With Summer right around the corner, hopefully you’re working out the final details of your family’s vacation. But planning a vacation can be a hard, even stressful job, especially when it comes to choosing the destination. Recently, I experienced this pressure. After sorting through many tempting choices, I narrowed my search to properties that encompassed values similar to my own. Even though some locations presented more amenities, I selected the ones that mirrored qualities that I look for in the comforts of my own home– places that offered a friendly, welcoming, and personal touch. And that made all the difference in my decision-making process.

Isn’t this true for many of our decisions? We tend to relate and work well with others that believe in what we believe in. Or we frequent establishments that suit our tastes and believe what we believe in.
Even when we are searching for the right candidate for a job opening, we use our core values as a method to narrow down the selection.

Throughout the hiring process, you are ultimately looking for someone that is the right fit–someone that embraces your values and is strongly connected to your core beliefs. After sorting through resumes and applications, and conducting numerous interviews, you narrow it down to the candidates you feel will fit in best with your company’s culture. The same goes for a job seeker looking for the right company to work for–you want to work for a company where you can be passionate about doing your job while contributing to the success of the firm at the same time.

Once you have a clear vision of what you value, make sure you interpret these beliefs to your employees. Defining your core values is only half the battle. Constantly commit your core values to experience the powerful bond that builds and leads to your success and the growth of your agency. Your employees operate under the values you share. They will feel connected and engaged, and focus on their performance.

Your personal core values are a reflection of who you are, building your culture and fueling your ambitions. Transport your core values into action every day, and your beliefs will travel through your employees, developing client loyalty and trust.

Do your employees exhibit your core values to your clients?
Will your core values help you plan your next vacation?

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