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Responsible for executing high-level policies within an organization, a marketing and advertising president is one of the most critical positions to any company. You can trust Brick House Partners to take specific care to ensure these valuable positions are staffed with the most qualified individuals.

A marketing and advertising president is responsible for the development and execution of practices and procedures that govern the company’s day-to-day operations, and will be closely involved with the company’s financial team for budgeting and planning purposes. In order to achieve projected goals and effectively shape their company’s public profile, presidents must be exceptional leaders and strategic thinkers.

Recruiting for marketing and advertising Presidents is crucial. Why turn to Brick House?

You leadership requirements may evolve over time, but we know that talented executives will always be instrumental to the success of your business. Our goal is to place presidents that last. In addition to our dedication to place executive talent in positions with the best possible fit, with Brick House Partners you can count on:

  • Our value and legacy in work quality and relationships
  • Our promise to treat our clients and candidates to the best possible experience
  • Our ability to deliver on our service and quality

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