Circumstantial Experience Wins Goals

It is estimated that nearly half the population of the world will watch some portion of the nationally celebrated World Cup, the biggest sporting event of the planet. With 64 games, and its wide array of 736 players, I wonder which players are going to make the biggest impression?


Imagine if you were the head coach for the U.S. World Cup soccer team, Jurgen Klinsmann, and you had to put together the final team roster. When the long weeks of planning and evaluating the players wind down to filling the last three to five spots on the team, how do you decide who will make the final cut?


Comparable to sports teams, agency executives come from all walks of life, with various levels of experience.  C-level marketing leaders boast unique experiences that bring exclusive aptitudes and skills to the table that contribute to attaining the goals set for the company. The qualities that may have the greatest impact in achieving the goals of the organization lie in a person’s circumstantial experience.


The ability to examine one’s past and uncover the impressionable distinctiveness of each person is a powerful tool. Once a player himself, Klinsmann brings an intimate understanding of what to look for in a successful player, a valuable intellect that can motivate the deciding factors on who fills the final spots on the team. He has been in their shoes, and can identify budding players that add to the successfulness of a team, not just now, but in the future. Being ready for any wild shot, and being able to see past what the next move is, helps predict what will happen two or four plays ahead. Tuning into this part of the person’s past motivates the deciding factor of who will win spots on his team. In business, it’s how you handle your past “circumstances” that determines how your “experience” will impact your success, based on your personal values.


Qualities discovered by looking into circumstantial experiences become recognizable success factors that contribute to an organization’s growth.  If you know the direction your company should be going, circumstantial experience will help guide you there, transforming your goals to a winning future.


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