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The Chief Marketing Officer is a role is a constantly evolving role, changing to meet the needs to the industry. At Brick House Partners we connect with executive talent capable of raising the awareness of your brand, increasing business and take ownership of your salesforce.

In today’s digital age, the Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for more than just the look and feel of the brand, but also the spend and revenue related to those efforts. Capable of creating, adjusting and delivering competitive initiatives, the CMO oversees the planning and execution of the organizations marketing strategies.

Why let Brick House handle Chief Marketing Officer recruiting for you?

The experienced recruiters at Brick House Partners know that the right “fit” can look like one thing on paper and quite another in reality. With this knowledge we’ve created a thorough, custom process to ensure we’re doing more than connecting a person with a position; we’re connecting with purpose. We invest the time upfront as we review clients and candidates, and look beyond skill sets and track records. This model has allowed us to connect successfully with companies, fulfilling their leadership needs with talent that enhances their organization. We’re connected nationwide to bring you the best selection of candidates and positions within the marketing and advertising industry.

We call ourselves the “Fit-Finders” because we’re an executive search firm dedicated to finding the right fit, not filling a position. Learn more by downloading our custom recruiting best practices scorecard or contact us to get started today!