Build a Better House With An Executive Search Firm

Marketing organizations, and advertising agencies, are built on people. When those people are the right people, working in the right roles, then you’ve built something much stronger than a company. You’ve built a Brick House.

Why just fill a position when Brick House Partners can find a perfect fit?

True talent isn’t looking to take just any job. Both sides are looking for the perfect fit. And no one understands the intangibles of Fit better than Brick House Partners. We are an experienced executive search firm with a goal to place marketing and advertising companies with talent that fits.

“Fit” can look like one thing on paper and quite another in reality. That’s because there’s more to Fit than connecting a person with a position; it also involves purpose. Brick House Partners knows how to discover and connect purposes and values in addition to skill sets and track records. This model has helped us connect successfully with companies, fulfilling their leadership needs with talent that enhances their organization.

Brick House Partners: Not your typical executive search firm

At Brick House Partners, we don’t call ourselves executive recruiters. We don’t call ourselves headhunters. We call ourselves a “Fit-Finder” because we’re an executive search firm dedicated to Finding a Fit, not filling a position. Get started today by downloading our custom recruiting best practices scorecard or contact us for more information!